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Newsbusters Is Stupid, Wants The News And Its Viewers To Be As Dumb As They Are

Breathless, as usual, with nonsense:


In a story from Memphis on the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King in that city, ABC's Steve Osunsami acknowledged great economic progress for black citizens with “a definable black middle class,” but warned “there are still large disparities.” He then featured a man at the anniversary events who insisted “we're waiting for progress” followed by Jesse Jackson using the solemn occasion to complain about the Iraq war and tax cuts.

The Reverend Bill Kyle, who was with King when he was murdered, rued that “now that we have the right to go to a school, we need the money to pay the tuition,” before Osunsami concluded by agreeing King's dream of equality remains unfulfilled: “Not quite what Dr. King had dreamed. But some dreams take a mighty long time to realize.”

Of course, both Jackson and Kyle were there the night Dr. King was murdered. It's not as if they crashed some sort of event randomly. These are people who worked alongside Dr. King and were actually there when he was killed. Furthermore, this is another part of the con whitewash Rick Perlstein has been discussing, trying to de-politicize Dr. King's work. He was against income equality and unjust war as much as he was against racial injustice. For him, the issues were not separate, not in different boxes. Newsbusters wants you to think that every thing is just okey-dokey with race and poverty in America. They want you to be as stupid as they are in every way possible.