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McCain Speaks At NAA/ASNE Conference

- McCain notes his early decision to provide open access to the press.

- McCain says he regularly makes himself available to the press. Of course, that wasn't the case during the Vicky Iseman story that popped up.

- McCain says NY Times disclosure of warrantless wiretapping story came close to hurting national security. You know what else hurt national security? Violating the due process of law.

- McCain announces that he supports the federal shield law. Well, that's clearly a way to bolster your base by supporting legislation they favor. I guess he learned that from all the lobbyists aboard the Straight Talk Express.

- AP reporter presents McCain with his favorite coffee. Please.

- McCain on the small town comments: Talks about the people of the Great Depression and how they fought WWII. Says that their faith wasn't hurt by the depression and transposes it to love of hunting. Somehow. Notes that he served in Vietnam. Announces small town tour to tell people living there that there must not be "any forgotten Americans". Says "time for pandering and false promises is over ... it's time for change, but real change".