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McCain Q&A

- Reporter tries hard to get Mccain to say Obama is an elitist
- McCain concedes were probably in a recession yet of course a few weeks ago he didn't think so
- Says finger of blame for economy can be pointed at Bush, congress. Of course his party has been in control of both to date
- Claims he didn't flip flop on mortgage bailout plan
- Said "greedy" execs also to blame. Wonder how his legislative record matches that
- Says we haven't reached full equality
- AP reporter (Liz Sidoti) apologizes for asking him a question he won't like then asks him about his age. The deference is pretty stunning.
- Ron Fournier asks if McCain would have Obama or Clinton would serve in his cabinet. He says no. McCain says this will be "a respectful campaign". McCain says he's tired of 527s. Yet he rallied with one last week.
- Says he will be able to increase military enrollment by "inspiring" people
- Szdoti asks him how would win the war if he doesn't win the election. What a weirdly constructed query.
- Reiterates opposition to torture and waterboarding. Yet the other day didn't he sign on to something else entirely? And why is it I know that standing over here yet the press can't/won't ask a follow up
- McCain says he doesn't support Roe vs Wade, promises to nominate constructionists

OVERALL: He didn't exactly make any serious news. The basic attack on the "bitter" remarks seems to be to say that rural/small town America has been the backbone of our society, especially the military. Of course, this construction requires a deliberate distortion of Sen. Obama's remarks and as they demonstrated here the press will let him get away with it. He also said that he has proposed "green" legislation that he thinks can stand up versus Clinton/Obama. But the media won't note that McCain is practically a zero on environmental networks.