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How Conservatives Lie: Mike Gallagher Edition

Con radio host Mike Gallagher, adding to the collective race-based attack coming on the right vs. Sen. Obama makes this convenient deception:


When even the Washington Post publishes an article entitled, “Obama’s Abortion Extremism”, you know that something astonishing is going on here.

Wow! The Washington Post published that in an article? Golly, that's a mighty loaded description for a straight news article, especially in one of the country's leading newspapers. I wonder...

Oh, yes, here it is in the Post: "Obama’s Abortion Extremism".

What's that you say?

What kind of article is it? Let's see. Hmm. It's in the "Columns" section of the paper, and it's header says "op-ed columnist". So, that's an opinion piece and not a straight article as Gallagher made it seem. That's awful deceptive.

And what's that?

Who wrote it? Well, it says here that the author is a Michael Gerson. I wonder what sort of political connections he might have, surely he's an independent thinker, a maverick like John McCain?

He served as President George W. Bush's chief speechwriter from 2001 until June 2006, and as a senior policy advisor from 2000 through June 2006.

Oh, well eff that.

So Mike Gallagher pretends as if a straight news article said something, when in fact the article was written by a conservative hack former member of the Bush administration. Even worse, the Gerson op-ed itself contains falsehoods about Sen. Obama.

Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson suggested that Sen. Barack Obama should "come out strongly for policies that would reduce the number of abortions -- support for pregnant women, abstinence education, the responsible promotion of birth control." In fact, Obama has advocated the policies Gerson mentioned: "education" that "include[s] abstinence" and "information about contraception."

This has been another edition of "How Conservatives Lie". I will never run out of material for this.