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How Conservatives Lie: Glenn Beck Edition

Glenn Beck has been trying to make a name for himself via books and his CNN show in bringing some kind of counter to Al Gore's global warming advocacy. The problem is Gore is working with science and facts and Beck is using the tools conservatives always use: horse manure.

From a story Beck has written on

Perhaps most comically, Gore is seen dragging an entire film crew on a jet to India to give a climate presentation to about 100 people. Gore claimed: "We just don't have any choice. I wish I knew a better way to do it. I constantly ask myself, 'How can I be more effective in getting this message across?' " The most effective thing you can think of is flying halfway across the world to speak with 100 people?

Except Beck twisted the story. From 60 Minutes:

For now he takes his slideshow on the road. 60 Minutes went with Gore to India.

"It's going to be so hard, so gigantically difficult to solve this problem. And expensive, no?" Stahl asked.

"It's much more expensive not to solve it," Gore said.

India is the world's fourth biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, and in New Delhi Gore was teaching 100 people how to give his slideshow and spread the word.

"You're giving talks to a hundred people. There are over a billion people in India. I mean, how do you expect to really have any kind of impact?" Stahl asked.

"This is the beginning. And then they will train others. And I will be training others," Gore said.