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Flying Spaghetti Monster


By Tom Drake

In a

previous round up

, I mentioned phytoplankton-which absorbs CO


and could partially mitigate climate change as their growth increases with the increased CO


levels. Well,

recent research

has raised significant doubt as to whether such an effect would occur.

Bad news for psychics, palm readers, astrologers and the like; the
UK government wants to repeal the 1951 ‘fraudulent mediums act’
currently protecting such agents
from legal action. The Spiritual Workers association has delivered a
petition against the proposal claiming, oddly, that this discriminates
against their religion. Even more bizarrely, the Spiritualists National
Union has come out in favour of the proposal! If it goes through
crystal ball gazers and tea leaf reader will have to declare that what
they are doing is for entertainment or ‘a scientific experiment’. Well
to be fair, they should have seen it coming.

In a similar legal theme, the ‘Academic Freedoms’ bill proposed in Florida
will allow teachers to present ‘the full range of views’ on Evolution.
The bill borrows language from a template put together by the Discovery
institute, a Seattle based think tank known for its work on intelligent
design. The supporters of the church of the flying spaghetti monster or ‘pastafarians’ are confident their views will be given proportional classroom time.