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Expanding Auzzies, removing temptation and the Human Proteome


Science and Environmental Round Up
By Tom Drake

Australia just got bigger.
For the first time ever the UN has granted a claim to extra sea floor,
beyond the usual limit of 200 nautical miles. The Auzzies now have an
extra 2.5million km2 to play in, or more specifically to
hunt for oil and gas in. In the words of Australia’s Energy minister;
“this is potentially a bonanza!”

Getting an addict to quit is an onerous task, but this is really the
tip of the iceberg. Even once the addict is no longer physiologically
dependent on a substance, which can take some time, the temptation to
relapse and experience that euphoric high will always remain. Well
researchers in Columbia are investigating ways to curb the high they receive when taking the drug and so remove that constant temptation.

We’ve cracked the Human Genome, now plans are being drawn up to map the Human Proteome.
That is, to characterise all the proteins in the human body. Estimates
at the cost of such a project have pitched it at around US$1billion.
This is not such a ridiculous cost when you consider the importance,
both medical and philosophical, of mapping the building blocks of Human