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How trade liberalization ruined Haiti


By Ben Cohen

Part of the purpose of The Daily Banter is to spread awareness of the fraudulent economic system we live under. Our aim (or at least this writer's) is to bring back the concept that democracy applies to the economy as well as the political sphere. That means closely examining the way our current system works, and questioning its validity in a supposedly democratic society. Thankfully, we are not alone and have brilliant organizations like 'The Real' to dissect current orthodoxy and shed light onto topics most networks won't touch.

For ideological and self serving reasons, free market militants insist the system we have now is the most efficient and the cure to all our ills. The problem is, the more the evidence stacks up against the benevolence of the free market, the more free marketers insist we need more of it. In a fascinating report on 'The Real News', Raj Patel discusses why trade liberalization has helped destroy Haiti, and how head of the World Bank Robert Zoellick aims to solve the food crisis there by doling out more of the same economic medicine.