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RNC Echoes Conservative Blogs, Looks Even Dumber Than Usual

So today the RNC pushed out a press release falseley claiming that the DNC had used Iraq footage from Fahrenheit 9/11. The funny thing is, that was the more sedate of the charges as the first round insinuated that Dems had received it from terrorists (from Michelle Malkin, naturally). RNC Chairman of the moment Mike Duncan:

As you are already aware, and as has been widely reported, the DNC's ad is troubling for at least two reasons. First, its message is factually false; the DNC is deliberately misleading American voters. Second, it constitutes an illegal excessive in-kind contribution from the DNC to its presidential candidates. Now the Republican National Committee has learned that the ad features footage from Michael Moore's 2004 conspiracy theory, "Fahrenheit 9/11."

Of course, the footage isn't from terrorists or (even worse in conservative minds) Michael Moore. The footage is from an AP report purchased from Getty Images.

The funny/sad thing is the RNC and the con bloggers are more upset over where the footage may or may have not have come from than they are about the people and the party who have put our soldiers in harm's way in the first place.

Again, here is the ad they don't want you to see, from the folks at the DNC.