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Elected Officials Know Which Way The People Are Going


Superdelegates with no need to interact with us unwashed masses support Clinton, while those who have to actually answer to voters have gone more for Obama. And more will likely come.

Among elected officials, Sen. Obama leads in endorsements from governors and senators. He is behind among House members by one, but both camps expect him to pull ahead unless he does badly in next Tuesday's Indiana and North Carolina primaries. If he doesn't stumble, enough elected Democrats are expected to back Sen. Obama after the last primaries June 3 to give him the delegate majority needed for nomination.

Many of them see Sen. Obama as more electable than Sen. Clinton. But even those who don't have been impressed by his grass-roots organizing and fund raising and the legions of new voters he has attracted, particularly younger and African-American voters.

Clearly the preference is for them to just do it, but it will come in due time.