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Goldwater Begats Ron Paul

Ron Paul Revolution

If you've read Rick Perlstein's Before The Storm, this increasingly regular infiltration of the Republican party at the state party level as well as getting involved in arcane ways with the national platform is right out of the same strategy the Goldwater faithful used to take over the Republican party. They didn't have the power to get their candidate into viability, but I sense that they are on the verge of throwing a small but disruptive wrench into the workings of the well-oiled GOP machine.

Conservatives have regularly had to do a song and dance to cover up the fact that their policies are not favored by most Americans (and conversely liberals have done a suck job at selling their majority positions) but I like the idea of Paul's brand of unabashed yet tone-deaf conservatism getting louder in the Republican party. Especially in the next ten years.