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Obama Finally Says It, Flag Pin Falsehood Edition

Distractions on Notice

Since I've been following politics closely and especially since I moved back to the DC area to work in the industry (more or less), one of the things I have never understood has been the liberal/Democratic reluctance to call something a lie. When Al Franken wrote his book Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them, I am certain that the forthright way in which he called out something as a lie was a pivotal element of its success. In 2000, and especially 2004, Al Gore and John Kerry drove me batty with their constant rhetoric that something was "a falsehood" or that someone "misled". They just never came out and said George Bush and the Republican party and the conservative noise machine were just filthy liars.

So I'm mighty happy to read this quote from Sen. Obama in the course of discussing the phony flag pin flap pushed by the right wing.

Obama continued, saying "so I make this comment. suddenly a bunch of these, you know, TV commentators and bloggers (say) 'Obama is disrespecting people who wear flag pins.' Well, that's just not true. Also, another way of saying it is, it's a lie."

It seems like such a small thing, but I'm so happy he said it.