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Clinton's Fuzzy Math

It's like Bush economics.

Hillary Clinton's campaign debt at the end of March was bigger than it appeared because she didn't list the $5 million she loaned herself, a campaign finance watchdog group reported this afternoon.

Clinton, in her filing with the Federal Election Commission, reported that her campaign had $9 million in cash on hand as of March 30, and $10 million in debts.

"The Clinton campaign itemizes its debts to vendors, totaling $10.3 million by the end of last month, but since January, when Clinton infused her campaign with $5 million, the campaign hasn't been adding in that loan when reporting its overall debt to the Federal Election Commission," the Center for Responsive Politics said.


Including the loan would put her debt as of March 30 at $15.3 million, the nonpartisan group said.

Let's be generous and assume they're telling the truth about bringing in $10 million (I'm doubtful), that means they're still in the hole and there's probably significantly more debt being accrued every day.