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Redstate's "Digital Communist" Conspiracy Theory

In case you were wondering if Erick Erickson and Redstate were still stupid, wonder no more. In this insipid post, Erickson tries to attack Sen. Obama, which is nothing new but what is novel (read: stupid) is that he tries to use highly respected professor Lawrence Lessig to do it. He posts a highly edited clip of a presentation Lessig gave in which one of the clips cited is a silly video of Jesus singing "I will survive". Erickson then goes on to call Prof. Lessig a "digital communist" because of his long-standing objection to our crazy pro-corporate copyright laws and his hand in the creation of the Creative Commons copyright alternative.


Oh, Erickson also accuses Google of complicity in the whole digital communist conspiracyTM because they didn't think they should host Michelle Malkin's anti-Muslim hate videos on Youtube. And net neutrality, that's bad too according to Erickson and part of the conspiracy as well -- never mind that net neutrality benefits sites like Redstate.

You know that he's grasping for straws because even a good amount of the Redstate commenters think this is a stupid and sloppy attack.