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What John Stagliano is doing is perfectly legal and falls under the first amendment.

A grand jury has socked Stagliano with eight obscenity violations for selling adult videos online and via unmarked packing envelopes shipped by the U.S. Postal Service. None of the films contain children. This is not a child-porn case.

Since the feds have had minimal luck over the years going after the makers of standard smut, this time they're taking a kinkier approach, targeting Stagliano for films aimed at fans of fluid fetishes.

At the same time the feds waste money prosecuting this man, we lack funds to go after child abusers.

More than 624,000 computers in the USA have traded child pornography, much of it showing the sexual abuse of very young children, in the past 2½ years, a leading police authority planned to tell Congress at a hearing Wednesday.
Yet federal authorities with limited resources pursue fewer than 1% of the leads, according to a USA TODAY analysis of government data.

Prosecute the free speech of consenting adults doing what they please, but when it comes to protecting children from the worst sort of crime short of murder and hands are tied.

What the hell?