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DNC Suing McCain Over FEC Violations

Dean ain't sleeping.

With reports indicating
John McCain has begun the process of applying for public funds in the general election, the Democratic National Committee today announced that it will file suit Monday with the U.S. District Court in D.C. seeking to compel the Federal Election Commission to conduct an investigation into McCain's decision to unilaterally withdraw from FEC's matching funds program. McCain's campaign is also breaking the spending limits to which they agreed when they applied for the matching funds.


"Before Senator McCain even thinks about applying for public funds in the general election he should clear up questions about his campaign's compliance with the public funding program in the primaries," said DNC Executive Director Tom McMahon. "Despite Senator McCain's apparent belief that the reforms he championed apply to everyone but himself, there is a compelling public interest in determining whether Senator McCain agreed to participate in the matching funds program so he could get a loan for his campaign, then violated the terms of that agreement so he could ignore the spending cap and raise unlimited money from lobbyists and special interests."