Hack Watch: Dick Morris


By Ben Cohen

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Spineless, immoral, Machiavellian, sinister, loathsome. These would be adjectives that spring to mind when describin

g super-hack and 'political' consultant Dick Morris. Morris, a former adviser to Trent Lott and Bill Clinton, is the guy who helps create your image as a politician. When it looked like Bill Clinton would not get re-elected for a second term, Morris had Clinton do photo ops of him hunting and fishing in order to resonate with white America. Morris has no political affiliation, hiring himself out to the highest bidder and bringing his skills in image manipulation to men desperate enough to sell their souls to get elected.

Morris once called Spanish people cowards because the voted out the president who took them into a war they did not believe in, and allowed a prostitute he was seeing listen in on phone calls to President Clinton. Also listed as one of the nations top tax evaders, it is incredible Morris is still a respected figure amongst media talking heads.

In his 'expert' analysis of Barack Obama's image problems in his latest column brilliantly titled 'Obama's weakness is his weakness' (reminiscent of A.B Stoddard's 'Hillary Clinton's strength is her strength line in a relentlessly boring article she wrote), Morris writes:

In an age of terrorism, weakness is a capital
crime. McCain needs to base his campaign on establishing Obama’s
weakness and his own strong leadership by comparison.

It is in this context that we must analyze Obama’s problems
with the Rev. Wright and his emerging problems with former terrorist
Bill Ayers. The American people are not about to judge Obama guilty by
association, even with a lowlife type like Ayers and an anti-American
like Wright. But they will see, in Obama’s tentativeness in handling
these controversies and his “decency” in refusing to cut off his
relationships and condemn these men, a sign of weakness that will hurt
his campaign.

His insight into campaign tactics is so blatantly obvious as to be
irrelevant. McCain is a war hero, and Obama is not. McCain will focus
on this, and Obama won't. We get it. Morris should not get paid to
state the idiotically obvious.

Also, labeling Obama's pastor Rev. Wright 'Anti American'' is childish
beyond belief, and a real sign of how pathetic Morris has become.
Having fallen from power in the late 90's, Morris slithered his way
back into the limelight by reverting to McCarthy like patriotism,
disparaging critics of American foreign policy and tooting the horn for
war in the Middle East. A regular Fox contributor, the former Democrat
takes every opportunity to slam the party he helped get into power, and
has no shame in hurling simplistic slogans at those who disagree with

Thankfully, Obama's camp has distanced themselves from the horrific
hacks like Morris, but his ubiquity in mainstream politics is all too
prevalent. Unfortunately, he will remain a feature of modern politics
for some time to come.