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Banter on the Banter


By Ben Cohen

A reader writes in response to "When will this horrible experiment end?" (a critique of neo liberal economics):

Great synopsis of how we got where we are.  Again, what do we do now?  Certainly, the  Democrat/Republican duopoly has no answers, nor are they looking for any.   

Much agreed. The Democrats are highly unlikely to make meaningful reforms to the economic system we live under. They will try to re-instate certain social programs and ease the burden of poverty for some people, but serious reform has to come from movements on the ground.

Here's my prediction: Given living standards have been propped up by cheap credit for the last 30 years, the decline for millions of people will inspire serious organization for change. We are already seeing this online, and to a certain extent, in the Barack Obama campaign (unprecedented in its reach and size). Unions will form, and pressure will be put on government to work for the general population rather than the small corporate elite. How the government responds to this is anyone's guess, but I am hopefully it will be constructive.