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I'm always amused by how the "independent" conservative opinionsphere - blogs, cable tv, and talk radio - tends to simultaneously come up with the same idea, usually bad. Today's idea is for Mitt Romney to run as McCain's running mate. Put aside the fact that I and many others think Romney is a supremely disingenous phony of the highest order, what would he bring to the McCain ticket? He has little to no electoral sway outside of Utah (he may help a little in Michigan and will be useless in Massachusetts) and his Mormon religion will likely do more to suppress the religious right vote for McCain than his candidacy already does. If anything, Romney's relatively youthful appearance will reinforce on the populace just how old McCain is, especially compared to Sen. Obama.

He brings little of anything to the table and would in fact probably drag McCain down in the polls.

So as a loyal Democrat I say: Please, pick him.