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Banter on the Banter


UPDATE: It turns out the reader is the author of I have emailed him to have a debate on free market capitalism on his radio show. Let's see what happens...

By Ben Cohen

A reader writes in response to 'Why Milton Friedman was wrong',

The Poor in the top-5 capitalist nations are better off economically than the poor in any other Nation in the world.

You look anywhere in the world that departs from free markets and capitalism, and you'll see what real poverty looks like.

Moreover, not a single Free Market Capitalist Nation has ever
experienced a famine (defined as a complete lack of a food supply).

I'll make a deal with you: You get three more Countries to try your
socialist policies. When you hit 1 million people starving to death you
don't get any more chances.

If you want to respond, do it on my blog, because I'm not going to come back here to hear such nonsense.

Unfortunately, I'm not aware of the reader's blog so I cannot respond there. Anyhow, this particular issue was dealt with when I debated the author of ''. Check here for the back and forth. The fact that the top five 'capitalist' nations have never been true free marketers makes his point completely irrelevant. However, if he says it loud enough it may one day become true....