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Is Islam inherently violent?


By Ben Cohen

A conservative friend of mine sent me this video of Atheist Pat Condel arguing that Islam is an inherently violent religion:

Here's an interesting response from another youtube user:

own thoughts? I think labeling any one religion/movement/political
group as 'evil' is childish. Condel displays his own religious zeal in
attacking something he doesn't really understand without attempting to
explore a different view point. I grew up in South London with many
Muslim  friends that bare no resemblance to the  violent psychopaths he
portrays in his rant. There is some legitimacy to what he is saying,
but if we were to tally up the crimes committed in the name of British
values compared to Islam, it would be a no-contest. The crusades,
slavery, colonialism and pre-emptive war were all excused as benign
attempts to civilize, yet Condel seems to have conveniently omitted
them from his lecture.