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The Associated Press For McCain

lucy and schroeder from peanuts

The biggest obstacle to a national conversation in the election this fall will be the way in which the mainstream media will run interference for John McCain. They are his base in a way in which the conservative movement never has nor will be. In this instance, one of the attendees at McCain's barbecue with the press, Libby Quaid, has serviced the "maverick" with a love note disguised as an AP story:

John McCain traveled like a man of the people Friday morning, riding an Amtrak train to Philadelphia after a late night of voting in Washington.


McCain, accompanied by a campaign aide, was left alone by the public as he sat in the first-class car for much of the 1 1/2 hour trip.

Do you know many "men of the people" who ride first class? I don't. But if you're a shill at the AP, I guess you do. I wonder what McCain put in that meat?