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Self Loathing Jews

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By Ben Cohen

When someone calls me a self loathing Jew for criticizing Israel, my first reaction is confusion. Why must I hate myself for criticizing the behavior of a country? When the British invaded Afghanistan and Iraq I was ashamed of my country, and I vehemently denounced the crime. I do not hate myself because of it.

The notion that we are responsible for our actions appears to be lost to many ardent supporters of Israel, who casually dismiss atrocities committed by the Israeli government as part and parcel of it's struggle to survive. To deny responsibility for Israels massive crimes against the Palestinians is the moral equivalent of post WW2 German citizens claiming 'they didn't know' about the  persecution, torture and murder of innocent Jews.

Author Mike Marquess explains his feelings about the term 'Self Loathing Jew' in this brilliant excerpt from his book 'I am Not Myself. Journey of an Anti Zionist Jew'. Although my upbringing was decidedly less Jewish than his, I can seriously relate to his feelings of confusion and isolation when speaking out against Israeli crimes.