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Obama: Cowboying Up

As one blogger put it: Sen. Clinton has found her voice... and its Republican. Here's a little sliver from Sen. Obama's speech Tuesday night that the pundits don't seem to have picked up on (as usual):

John McCain and Senator Clinton echo each other in dismissing this call for change. They say it is eloquent but empty; speeches and not solutions.And yet, they should know that it's a call that did not begin with my words. It began with words that were spoken on the floors of factories in Ohio and across the deep plains of Texas; words that came from classrooms in South Carolina and living rooms in the state of Iowa; from first-time voters and life-long cynics; from Democrats and Republicans alike.

I don't think Sen. Obama will or should go into the sewer in the manner Clinton supporters and your standard issue Republicans have in this election so far - and at the end of the day he is still the frontrunner with a 100+ delegate lead. But I do think that the kitchen sink strategy - especially in Ohio - has been a good indicator of the sort of warfare that's going to be required of him to maintain his delegate lead into the upcoming contests.

My gut tells me Ohio is the last throes of the "Oh My God We're Afraid Of Anything Different" politics in the Democratic party that favors an establishment candidate like Sen. Clinton. But we'll see.

It's time to pick a president.