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Make Hay

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If there's anything that developing countries are lacking, it is time. Developmental needs press up against changing internal and external environments constantly. Output must expand in order to satisfy the developmental needs of a growing population. Commodity prices are high now but that does not preclude against some massive drop in the medium to long term. Expanding output requires expanding energy supply. All of this in a world where the major powers have been making noises about reducing their fossil fuel dependency. Ghana and a good number of African countries have responded intelligently it would seem by boosting bio-fuel production.

hay while the sun shines by taking advantage of increased demand for
bio-fuel and address your own capacity constraints. However, by now
readers of this blog will appreciate that bio-fuel is at best a double
edged sword. NGOs across Africa, echoed by voices in the UN world food
programme (WFP) and elsewhere are calling for a 5 year moratorium on
new African bio-fuel production because they fear: a) the eclipsing of
local bio-diversity by mono-cutural and/or genetically modified systems
b) displacement of local communities without adequate compensation c)
pressures on local food supply conditions and prices d) that new
bio-fuels will not address climate change and may even exacerbate the