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Hugh Hewitt Is A Dirty Hypocrite

crack whores for bush

It will come as no surprise to those of you who have paid attention, but conservative blogger and third-tier right wing radio host Hugh Hewitt is a hypocrite. For the last year and a half Hewitt pushed the candidacy of Mitt Romney, the guy who is supposedly a financial wizard that ended up spending $1.1 million for each delegate he earned in his ultimately fruitless run for the presidency. A core part of Hewitt's flackery was that questions about religion were beyond the pale. Any sort of inquiry into a church's unorthodox practices was decried as religious bigotry by Hewitt. Simply asking if Romney believed that Jesus would come to America - an element of Mormon theology - was just liberal bias.

Of course in the case of the media hyping the words of Senator Obama's former pastor - words Sen. Obama has rejected, denounced, and disavowed - Hewitt unsurprisingly has a whole new position:

(after playing a clip of Jeremiah Wright)

Hugh Hewitt: What kind of level of detail ought Barack Obama to be expecting to come forward with? I think he ought to answer each and every one of these clips, and respond in detail to them.

All the furor over Spitzer's stupid antics this week, and the cons always show us who the real professional whores are. (via)