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Howard Kurtz Slurps A Conservative Again

As you may know, the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz makes it a point of his high profile column to write loving profiles of conservatives in the media. As previously noted, the reach-around now forever known as "The Kurtz" has been given to such journalistic luminaries as Fox News' Brit Hume (who once claimed Democrats are "rooting" for a loss in Iraq) and Michelle Malkin (who accused John Kerry of self-inflicting a wound to get a purple heart). Today's conservative serviced with a Kurtz is Fox News' Karl Rove, former White House political thug and the architect of the Republican loss of the House and Senate. In Kurtz's hard hitting profile he says:

No one would accuse the newly minted pundit of being balanced, but to the surprise of some critics, he has been generally fair-minded in his commentary. The man long derided by the left as "Bush's brain" is trying to move beyond his attack-dog reputation.

In this case "fair-minded" can be translated as makingstuffup about Barack Obama, while also doing favors for the McCain campaign without noting his affiliation on-air.

Or, as Howard Kurtz would put it: slurp, slurp.