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Five years. And for what. Do you feel safer?

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Daily Banter Special Comment

By Peter Bauer

haunts me is the idea that these Neo Cons are out to change everything
over a generation. They realize that what they’re doing takes time. In
their fascist handbook Project for a New American Century, they call for revolutionary change. They said it would need a Pearl Harbor like event as a catalyst, and they got it.

Now I'm not pointing any fingers directly, I just have a few observations that I'm not alone in noticing:

The disputed election in Florida, the fact that Osama bin Laden was
a paid CIA operative in the 1980s, the striking similarity between the
collapse of the World Trade Centers and a controlled demolition, the
fact that no other skyscraper in history ever fell down due to fire but
two did on one day, evacuation drills and power outages in both World
Trade Centers in the weeks before the attacks, the grass in the
pictures of the Pentagon, the fact that no video was ever released by
the Virginia Department of Transportation showing the plane hit the
Pentagon, the lack of crash marks in Pennsylvania, the fact that the
governor of Pennsylvania became the first director of Homeland
Security, the unsolved Anthrax attacks, NORAD standing down while
American planes had been hijacked, Dick Cheney’s undisclosed location,
Osama bin Laden and Tora Bora, the invasion of Afghanistan, the WMD’s,
the aluminum tubes, the yellow cake, Mission Accomplished, “this is not
a civil war,” “progress is being made.”

The last eight years have been one nightmare after another. Nobody
feels as bad as They make us feel. I feel pretty good about life until
I turn on the TV or read the newspaper. After reading Hunter S.
Thompson’s last book Kingdom of Fear, I realized that terror is
exactly what they’re after, not over there, but over here. We have to
vaguely afraid of something at all times.

As an educator, I'm constantly intrigued by my students’ perception of the world around them. Last year, a sophomore wrote in a paper that
he remembered being in fifth grade when the attacks of 9-11
happened. He came out of his room in the morning and heard the TV say
“America is under attack!” I realized that since he was ten years old,
he’s been living in fear of a faceless enemy.

In September of this year, two 7th graders were stacking
dominos after school. I watched from a distance as they built two
towers, with two rows of dominos leading to their bases. Then they
began to throw individual blocks at the towers. I asked them what they
were doing, and they said they were playing 9-11.

Welcome to the Terror Generation; they’re the modern embodiment of the Duck and Cover kids of the 1950s.

How long will we be propagated with this faceless enemy? How long before we say enough is enough?

First the terror is in Afghanistan and hates my freedom (despite the
fact that were funded for the last decade by my government).

Then the terror was Sadam (propped up by the US in the mid 1980’s to
fight Iran) who was involved in planning 9-11 and has WMD’s that he’s
going to use, with proof coming the form of a Mushroom Cloud.

So everyone on TV gets excited because we’re about to get our war on.

The President came on TV and said that war was our last choice and
that we wanted peace (just like we say every time we preemptively kill
people), but if Sadam didn’t get out, there’d be hell to pay.

My roommate and in the dorms and I set our alarm for 9:00 AM, with
“Bombs Over Baghdad” turned all the way out so we could jolt out of bed
and turn on CNN.

The footage was grainy. The city was dark. Power had been cut. We
were waiting and waiting and waiting, so we went and got some breakfast
in the cafeteria. When we came back, it had already started, so when
went to the center of campus to stand around the protest.

Our professors had vaguely encouraged us to skip class that day, so
I was excited for the day off. I wasn’t really interested in stopping
anything. I’d been well trained and was ready to follow whatever my TV
told me. If we were going to war, it was for a reason.


If the last eight years have taught me anything, it’s that the
people in charge do exactly the opposite of everything they say, exact
when they ask for more money for the war every three to six months.

Did you know that the war money doesn’t even come out of the annual Defense (read War) department’s budget? It’s extra. Extra!

So here we are, five years later, and four and a half years after Mission Accomplished, and what do we have to show for it?

Massive Debt. Secret Prisons. Torture. Invasion of Privacy. Loss of liberty. A floundering economy.

How much more is it going to take? I understand there’s not a draft
anymore, but GODDAMMIT, how long do we sit back and watch other people
die? Just because it’s not your neck on the line doesn’t mean you can’t
support peace and justice, and oppose war.

We have so much potential, and so many possibilities. You can feel
the tension in the air. It’s been simmering for the last two years, and
the pots just beginning to boil. As of this posting, I’ve heard of a
blockade of military bases in Portland, Oregon, and a massive protest
in San Francisco taking place on Wednesday.

The days of being misinformed are over. The choices are
clear. Either you subscribe to the Neo Con’s sinister vision of the
future, or you get off your ass and do something to stop it.

Refuse to play their game. Don’t by into the system- it’s been rigged from the beginning.

Another world is possible.