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By Peter Bauer

In the last 15 years, the internet has served as a platform for independent voice.   60% of the content on the internet (including the work done on this site) is done by independent voices, not corporations.  Compare that with only 5% of radio, and only 1% of print media.

Corporate Media is a one way information medium in cahoots with big business and governments.  It is a one directional medium.

Opponents of Net Neutrality want the internet to function like television or print media- one way.  They control the fiber optics we use to surf the web, so they want to control the content as well, turning the information super highway into a toll road to knowledge.

And who might these opponents of Neutrality be?  The same people who ILLEGALLY complied with the Bush Administration by spying on Americans.

They're trying to control the message.

Get informed!