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Hillary Clinton's 'experience'

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By Ben Cohen

The entire basis for Hillary Clinton's campaign is one of experience. She has battered Obama on his perceived lack of exposure to big time politics (despite the fact that he is handily beating her in the election race), claiming she will be ready from 'day one'. Last week she gave a speech detailing a trip to Bosnia where she arrived under sniper fire and had to 'run for cover'. Hoping it would bolster her image as a hardened veteran of foreign policy, it back fired horribly when it was revealed her recollection was an outright lie.

As Andrew Sullivan succinctly points out:

Clinton does have one solid substantive executive experience and the
result of it was that she effectively killed universal healthcare for
well over a decade. And she has one transcendent legislative judgment
call, Iraq, and it was catastrophically wrong. This is her record on
the kind of big issues that define a presidency.