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Banter on the Banter

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By Ben Cohen

A reader writes in response to my article on Iraq accountability:

Thats a good piece you have written here.

Was Tony Blair's alliance with George Bush to take Britain into two
illegal wars, a major cause of the terrorist attacks on London? I
believe partly. The muslims' anger was basically a bomb waiting to
explode, and these ''invasions'' were just the last straw.

I also do blame the media a lot in this. After 9/11, ALL muslims
were literally portrayed as terrorists, let's not forget that. Did
anybody in the media explain the difference between extremist Muslims
and ordinary Muslims? No. So there was no surprise on the retaliation.

Also if you look at the history of US Foreign policy, an attack on
their soil was also no surprise, but Im not saying they deserved to
have so many deaths. No country does. However the US seems to believe
that a minute of silence for their tragedy is more important than any
other genocide in the 20th Century.

I was listening the other day of a US soldier in Iraq writing a
blog, only to be read if he gets killed in his mission. An interesting
thing he pointed out, is that ''dont tell everyone that I died for
nothing. I did my best helping the local community to protect them, so
the US soldiers death are not in vain.''

And I think thats an interesting perspective, because the media
keeps on claiming theses soldiers (American or British) dying for