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Hillary Clinton's Passport Records Also Broken Into

And now a pattern emerges.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Friday told Sen. Hillary Clinton that the security of her passport file were breached in 2007, according to Clinton's Senate official.

The revelation came shortly after Rice said she hed apologized to Clinton's Democratic presidential rival Sen. Barack Obama for the unauthorized viewing of his passport file by contractors working for the State Department.

Two contractors were fired and a third was disciplined after they accessed Obama's file, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said Thursday.

Rice told reporters on Friday that she had apologized to Obama and that the breaches would be investigated.

"I told him I was sorry and I told him that I myself would be very disturbed in anyone had looked at my passport filed and that, therefore, I will stay on top of this," Rice said.

And we know how much we can trust the word of pathological liar Condoleezza Rice. If this is being done to people as high profile as Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama, who knows what's being done to the rest of us?