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McCain vs. Obama vs. Clinton

This is kind of a "tell".

Yesterday, while campaigning in Allentown, Bill Clinton praised McCain, NBC/NJ’s Mike Memoli reports. "He paid as high a price as you can pay to serve this country without getting killed, and we have to honor that," Clinton said. "[And] he has some redeeming qualities for a Republican: he doesn't believe in torture, he supported campaign finance reform and he doesn't think global warming is a myth… So it is not gonna be all that easy to beat him." Of course, Obama has also praised McCain and his service. But Clinton’s praise came on the very day -- the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war -- in which the Obama and McCain camps were trading barbs over the Iraq war. So in that context, it was fascinating that Clinton would be so effusive in his praise. Meanwhile, McCain's been similarly deferential to Clinton, but not so much to Obama. In fact, the tone of the Mark Salter’s attack release yesterday is a reminder to some that there really is no love lost between Team McCain and Team Obama. There is a lot more contempt for Obama with McCain folks than there is for Clinton.

You should also remember that Bill Clinton was never against the war in Iraq.