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Amy Sullivan: How The Blacks And Their Churches Ruined The Democratic Party

I try so hard not to write about this racial stuff, but then Amy Sullivan writes this:

But I'll be back in a few hours to talk about why the Democratic party outsourced religion to black churches, and how that's hurt the party. It's also left most Americans with a Disney-fied impression of African-American religious leaders as folks who sit around listening to gospel music all day, spout inspirational phrases to slap on calendars, and generally act like Denzel Washington in "The Preacher's Wife."

By "most Americans" she means of course "white Americans".

You may remember Sullivan as the author of a piece decrying the tepid sports cuture of Washington without once mentioning the Washington Redskins. In that instance, as well, Sullivan substituted white upper class DC for the more mainstream, blacker rest of Washington (aka most people who live in DC). She also has a habit of saying Democrats don't like religion.

UPDATE: It gets worse:

For decades, the Democratic Party has ghettoized religion, outsourcing it to African-Americans within the party.

As one of the commenters notes:

Yes, I well remember noted African-American and Sunday school teacher Jimmy Carter. African-Americans Bill Clinton and Al Gore both also made a big show of their Baptist faith, while African-American John Kerry frequently mentioned his time as an altar boy.

For the love of God, someone tell Amy Sullivan to STFU.

UPDATE 2: A friend notes: "Ghettoized" religion. Ghetto.