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Take Your Money And Run. Far, Far Away

I know I'm not the only one who is disgusted by the sense of entitlement from these Richy-Rich Clinton supporters.

Pushing to seat the Florida delegates, at least one top Clinton fund-raiser, Paul Cejas, a Miami businessman who has given the Democratic National Committee $63,500 since 2003, has demanded Democratic officials return his 2007 contribution of $28,500, which they have agreed to do.

“If you’re not going to count my vote, I’m not going to give you my money,” said Mr. Cejas, who was the United States ambassador to Belgium from 1998 to 2001.

Christopher Korge, a Florida real estate developer who is another top fund-raiser for Mrs. Clinton, held an event last year in his home that brought in about $140,000 for the national party, which was set aside in a special account for the general election battle in Florida. But he told committee officials this week that if Florida’s delegate conundrum was not settled satisfactorily he would be asking for the money back.

“If we do not resolve this issue,” Mr. Korge said, “I think it’s safe to say there will be a request for a return of $140,000.”

One of the hallmarks of Terry McAuliffe's tenure as party chairman was the way the party relied on these rich donors for everything. The Internet can't make everything better, but one thing is these jackholes have less sway over the party's operations. Now Muffy and Buffy are having a temper tantrum because their chosen candidate can't win. Like many of these people, its clear they care nothing for the party or the progressive movement and instead just their own infantile whims. I'd rather have the party have to make do with the nickels and dimes of regular people than be at the beck and call of the jetset.