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Why The Attempts To Make Obama Into A "Black Militant" Will Fail

photo credit: OhioProgressive

Senator Obama at the Bloggers Table

The mainstream media, conservative media, and the Clinton bloggers are trying mightily to cast Sen. Obama as some sort of black radical. Today's version of the attack is the video of the inflammatory rhetoric used by Jeremiah Wright, Sen. Obama's former pastor. The problem is, this is not someone like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Barack Obama is the poster-boy for black politics 2.0, not born in the fires of racial animosity and legalized oppression, but of the next phase of equality. Barack Obama is going to issue thundering denunciations - not of external forces on the black community, but about internal and external fissures affecting all of society. The attacks will fall flat, because they're trying mightily to make a family man from Harvard Law look like a gun-toting 70s-era black nationalist.

Does not compute.