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Hillary Clinton Watched Something. Make Her President.

Clinton surrogates like (former Admiral) Rep. Joe Sestak are being forced to say some ridiculous things in order to justify Sen. Clinton's serial resume inflation. She has decided to use her 8 years as first lady as part of her "35 years" of national security experience qualifying her for commander-in-chief. She couldn't just say she's done a lot of good work on the Armed Services Committee as Senator (and she sure has), no, she had to puff it up. So on MSNBC today Admiral Sestak is forced to include Sen. Clinton "watching" naval carriers as justification for her having commander-in-chief experience.

Okay, so I've "watched" a lot of things too. I've "watched" James Bond movies, should I call up MI-5 and apply? I "watched" the Superbowl, should Eli Manning worry for his job security? I "watched" the Flintstones... I wonder if Mr. Slate is hiring?

Give. Me. A. Break.