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McCain Campaign Asks Fellow Cons And Republicans: Pretty Please Stop Being Racist, Sexist, Nutjobs

This is going to be a problem going forward for the Republican. Whether the candidate is Sen. Obama or Sen. Clinton, the natural instinct of the Republican party is to engage in knuckle-dragging attacks. What the McCain campaign understands that the base does not is that this kind of stuff is on the outs in America. The GOP has already had losses with candidates attacking Hispanics under the guise of illegal immigration - it contributed to the loss of Dennis Hastert's seat to a Democrat. The base wants blood, but the smarts in the party see danger there.

This memo from McCain's campaign chief is begging and pleading with the Republican party and conservatives to restrain themselves. It asks them not to be the wackjobs we on the left must continually deal with. Its not going to work. The Republican party has used these feelings to have electoral success, its a formula that works time and time again. But America has changed, and they - as usual - haven't.