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Hillary Clinton's "Experience": Singing With Sheryl Crow In Bosnia

Sen. Clinton continues to falsely claim that she has had serious experience on foreign policy matters, in order to contrast herself with Barack Obama. As part of that claim of 35 years of experience, she lumps in her years as First Lady of Arkansas and First Lady of the US. Neither position is even remotely close to providing one with executive presidential level experience, and most of the functions of that position are even more ceremonial than the traditional vice-presidential role. Her campaign produced a press release in 2007 testifying to her foreign policy savvy, a letter signed by numerous ambassadors - every single one of them appointed by her husband when he was the president - stating "As First Lady she worked for reconciliation in the aftermath of wars and she led humanitarian efforts for Bosnia and on behalf of Kosovar refugees."

In the picture below we see Hillary Clinton working "for reconciliation in Bosnia" by singing with Sheryl Crow.

Hillary Clinton Singing With Sheryl Crow

Now look, these were nice things she did as First Lady, but along with her other First Lady duties like reading to children, presiding over the Easter egg roll, and dressing up for state dinners -- they don't qualify one to be president.