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Why does TV hate Bolton?

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By Nick Lang

I am starting to get the feeling that ITV hates Bolton. I reckon that Channel 5 hates Bolton too. In fact, I genuinely think that the entire world of TV actually hates Bolton.

What did we ever do to offend you?

I'm starting to take it personally that when English TV shows UEFA cup matches we always get Tottenham and Everton's games, but for no apparent reason (other than the one stated above) we never get Bolton's - despite being in the same final 16 teams fighting it out for the respectable UEFA cup.

Now I'm no conspiracy theorist, but for the last few years being a Bolton fan has started to feel like being a second class citizen (in a purely football related fashion of course). For some reason Bolton's matches have always come below Tottenham, Everton, Newcastle and Blackburn in the UEFA cup coverage on TV, even though most of our matches have been against much tougher sides!!! We are unbeaten against Bayern Munich, Red Star Belgrade, Athletico Madrid and Sporting Lisbon for fucks sake!!!

Frankly I find it disgusting, and if I had more time I would write to ITV and Channel 5 to complain. But as a budding teacher this is the first time in months that I've found more than 5 minutes to do something other than marking and planning, so I have chosen to bitch and moan about it instead... Hmm. What does that say about me?