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The Rally Effect: Chris Dodd Endorses Obama

Sorry to be a broken record, but I've been saying this. There will not be a brokered convention - the journalists wet dream. There is a frontrunner, and in all likelihood that frontrunner will continue to be Sen. Obama after next Tuesday. The superdelegates are already coming on board, and more are sure to follow. With the GOP already set on their nominee and talk already turning to running mates, the Democratic contest will effectively end soon. Sen. Chris Dodd has endorsed Sen. Obama and his words are, I bet, a pretty good barometer to what party elders and officials are thinking:

"It is now the hour to come together," he told reporters in Cleveland. "I believe the hour has come now for us to make that choice – to stand up and say we’re going to get behind this candidacy."

"I don't want a campaign that is only divisive here, and there’s a danger of it becoming that," he said. "Not because the candidates want that, but too often the advisors the consultants others are seeking for that divisiveness."

He said he wasn't urging Clinton to drop out now, but rather urging both campaigns to "be careful."

Dodd said he called Clinton last night.

"These are not comfortable conversations," he said, adding that he "admire[s]" Clinton and that she "will continue to make a significant contribution to our nation in the years to come."