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Super Tuesday: A Push On Delegates...?

NBC's Chuck Todd projected that at around +/- 10 delegates, the count is 837-841 for Obama (including Missouri, California, and Tennessee). Considering the gaps Sen. Obama closed over Sen. Clinton's leads in numerous states, I have to think that MD/DC/VA were already friendly to him but even moreso now. This region isn't delegate rich, but with this kind of race - it matters.

I still don't think it will go to the convention, that still strikes me as a journalist wet dream.

The other thing I'd like to see is the Democratic turnout vs. the Republican turnout. I'm expecting that number to just be phenomenal.

UPDATE: At least 114,000 people in Utah turned out to vote Democratic. By comparison in 2004, there were 33,000 and 62,000 in 2000. UTAH!