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Scrounging For Outrage

At one point the outbursts from Sen. Clinton's much too zealous supporters in the blogosphere got me kind of angry because of the way they think it serves some kind of purpose to tear down a possible Democratic nominee for president for no good reason. But now, I almost pity them. A few weeks ago they sought to create something called "the snub" that never happened, then there was the "you're likeable" compliment that morphed into an insult against women through their bizarro vision, followed by Ted Kennedy's supposed betrayal for exercising his right to endorse Sen. Obama. Now the flailing has reached such a ridiculous level that you aren't supposed to react to what Obama says but instead you should somehow decode what he says and hidden inside you're supposed to find sexism.

I have heard that if you play his 2004 convention speech backwards then translate it to French it says "Paul is dead".