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Republican "F7" Moneybomb Attempt Is A Dud

Created by Bush/Giuliani consultant and Romney supporter Patrick Ruffini, the "F7" February 7 fundraiser was clearly designed to copy the grasroots fundraising used by the Ron Paul campaign, but instead as a pledge of support for the Republican nominee, John McCain. As of 6:17pm EST, this was their haul:

That's not a typo. They raised $2,290 dollars from 26 donors. By comparison, anti-war Ron Paul raised $1.8 million in his most recent moneybomb, while Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama have raised at least $11 million in the last 24 hours.

Bomb, indeed, even with the pimping of top con bloggers like Glenn Reynolds.

You know how Hillary Hate is supposed to propel the GOP over her if she's the nominee? Not so much.