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Random Predictions

These are predictions, not certainties, in other words a fancy way of guessing.

* The next president will be a senator. Heh.

* The Democratic nomination will not go to the convention nor will it come down to a super delegate fight. Journalists dearly want this to happen because they want to be Dan Rather in 1968 but it ain't happening.

* The next president will be a Democrat.

* If Sen. Clinton is the nominee, it will be a narrow win.

* If Sen. Obama is the nominee, it will be a comfortable win of 3-4% or more.

* Independents will decisively vote Democratic versus the split of 2004.

* The right will more or less rally for McCain, but the conservative base vote will be down, even if Clinton is the Democratic nominee.

* Democrats will gain in the House and Senate, but not enough in the Senate to get 60 seats.

* Democrats will win the Senate seats in Virginia and Minnesota.

* Virginia will go Democratic, Florida will stay Republican.

* The issue of what the McCain people do with George Bush will take up a lot of media oxygen.

* Neither Clinton nor Obama will choose the other to be their running mate.

* The Democratic running mate will be a white male.