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President Clinton Distorts Sen. Obama. Again.

Sigh. Make this whole process end soon, because I hate this intraparty noise.

Clinton told a New Orleans audience today that his wife's main rival has made "an explicit argument that the '90s weren't much better than this decade," and argued that Obama's discounting of that era's prosperity won't lead to "good changes."


Speaking about the nation's affluence during the 1990s, the former president was greeted with cheers when he countered what he described as Obama's dismissal of the era by declaring, "I don't know about you, but I think the '90s were a whole lot better than this decade." He went on to offer highlights of his Administration -- including high overall job growth, low poverty, and unemployment in the black community, and a pronounced level of diversity in his cabinet and judicial appointees.

As I discussed here earlier this week, Sen. Obama said the Clinton years were not good years for congressional Democrats. This is objectively true, ask Newt Gingrich - who became speaker two years into the Clinton presidency. He, on the other hand, has repeatedly said that the country was on far better footing economically, socially, and internationally during President Clinton's years.

Stop it, President Clinton. Argue the record, argue about what Sen. Obama actually said. As one of your most ardent supporters, this is a pain in the ass.