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Oh To Be Mark Penn, Senior Strategist For Hillary Clinton

At 2:30 he writes one of his memos telling us a bunch of stuff that he's just positive would make Sen. Obama weaker against John McCain. Remember this is the guy who asked "where's the bounce" about 10 mins before the bounce manifested. And then, he runs off 4 1/2 hours later to do a book signing. The day before his candidate competes in three primary elections after losing five.

For this he has been paid something like $5.8 million so far.

Where can I sign up to be one of these Democratic consultants? They seem to have no accountability, great hours, and spectacular pay.

UPDATE: Mark Penn no longer believes in polls (when they're not going his way). He's selling a book all about how to interpret polls and focus groups. Is he a graduate of the Dick Morris school of political strategy?