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ODS Watch: Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson is among the more rabid anti-Obama/pro-Clinton bloggers out there. But his spin -- and it is spin -- on last night's primaries is both silly and insulting at the same time.

Okay. Then if he is the candidate of change fighting Washington, why did a majority of the Washington, DC and the government employees in the surrounding suburbs and those pesky lobbyists and their spouses and employees, vote for Barack? You see, I believe that people act in their own interest. So, when the folks who live inside the beltway, vote in large measure for Barack, then maybe he is not what he claims to be.

You got that? Voters in MD, DC, and VA don't count. Why? Because many of them work for the federal government. Because employees of our government apparently don't have worthy opinions, at least when they don't vote for Hillary Clinton. And this somehow makes Obama the "establishment" candidate.

Who was the inevitable candidate supported by the party bigwigs for almost a year again? In order to narrow it down, I'll give you a clue: it's not a man.