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Maryland's Al Wynn Is Reprehensible. You Should Vote For Donna Edwards.

Matt Stoller has the details.

Below is a new robocall on Donna Edwards by Al Wynn, attacking her for not being a member of the DC bar and for having tax liens against her.

This is a pretty standard tactic from a desperate opponent who is using a subtle attack on women to shore up his base. What the robocall doesn't say is that at the time Edwards had financial problems, she was a single mother who wasn't getting child support and did not have health insurance for herself (though she did for her son). A medical problem threw her into debt, which took a long time to pay off. Wynn is also trying to make it appear as if Edwards was thrown out of the DC bar, when what happened is she simply stopped practicing law and so stopped paying dues. The robocall ends by saying if Donna can't take care of her own finances, how is she going to handle the Federal budget.

Most of the accusations are outright misleading or just not true, but there's a deep irony here, and it leads to Wynn's ugly past. It's not just his irresponsible votes against the estate tax repeal, or massive energy subsidies that blow a whole in budget. Wynn has been foreclosed on at least twice, and his divorce in 2000 was so messy that his ex-wife accused him of moving out during Christmas and then arranging to have the house foreclosed on and skipping child support payments. His ex-wife also joined the campaign of his Republican opponent. How Wynn treated his wife and daughter, and his petty financial problems, are not interesting or important, except that he is now misrepresenting Donna's personal life experiences to stay in office.

Donna Edwards is the kind of progressive Democrat the people of Maryland deserve.