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Kathleen Kennedy Townsend Says The Clinton Campaign Is Dead

You'll remember a few weeks ago that the Clinton camp was flogging Kennedy-Townsend's endorsement as a counterweight to the Ted & Caroline Kennedy endorsement (along wiht Maria Shriver) of Sen. Obama. Well, now comes this from Kennedy Townsend:

"Townsend said she expects Sen. Barack Obama to win the Democratic presidential nomination and that Clinton is finished. She believed that the Wisconsin results demonstrated that Clinton's coalition (voters over the age of 50 and those earning less than $50,000) had fallen apart. When asked why the Clinton campaign had failed, Ms. Townsend had plenty of opinions and she placed significant blame on Bill Clinton and his racially tinged statements in South Carolina. She also felt that Clinton made a tactical error in making "experience and inevitability" her central campaign themes. Townsend argued that Clinton had little more experience than Obama and far less than candidates such as Senators Dodd and Biden. Additionally, making the inevitability claim hurt her when she lost Iowa... Townsend then lamented Clinton's decision to go negative and question Obama's readiness. She said that she called the Clinton campaign and advised that they 'go out on a high note' but her advice was politely dismissed."

Look, I get the distinct vibe, and I hope it's not true, that the Penn-controlled Clinton campaign wants to pull a kamikaze action on Sen. Obama and by extension, the Democratic party. This upsets me to no end. The primary is supposed to be about legit give and take, not someone declaring that they own the sandbox. I'd advise the Obama folks to treat the swill that is beginning to emanate from Sen. Clinton's campaign with the contempt it deserves and move to unite the party versus McCain and the Republican machine.